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Attorney Support Services

Attorney support services assist attorneys and lawyers with their legal cases. Often a lawyer will require some kind of investigation regarding a court case. A private detective can assist and support an attorney with gathering information for the benefit of their client. Different types of attorney support services include:

  • Evidence gathering
  • Process serving
  • Photographic and video documentation
  • Locating and identifying witnesses
  • Interviews and statements
  • Surveillance

Using a competent private detective to assist with a law firms' services can be beneficial, reducing their workload and improving their case's evidence. This can be achieved through competent investigations.

A private detective is experienced in civil and criminal legal matters, providing defense investigations for state and federal courts. Part of attoney support investigations is understanding the types of evidence needed by law and the necessity for preserving the chain of custody. Conducting personal injury investigations and other civil investigations, using video and still photographic evidence is beneficial for use in domestic court cases, such as divorce and child custody hearings.

The bulk of work done for attorneys by investigators is research, and in some cases interviewing witnesses. Detectives are highly creative and know how to obtain information, with much work digging through public records.

More and more lawyers and attorneys use private detectives with many high profile lawyers openly stating that not using a private detective's attorney support services borders on malpractice. The experience of the investigator often results in obtaining the necessary information more quickly and efficiently than if done by an attorney who doen't have the appropriate training.

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