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5 Factors Which Can Determine If You’re Under Private Investigation

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When using the private investigation services of a company, you should be aware that the other party might be doing the same. People who are at fault will use detective services in order to discredit you in any way possible. This is why we have listed a few factors by which you can determine if you are being followed by a private detective:

1. You see a strange car parked in your neighborhood frequently:

Usually, it is not something unnatural – it can be a guest of your neighbors. However, if you see the same car parked in several areas, the odds are that someone might be monitoring you. The vehicle itself will be as plain as possible. Of neutral colors, the car will appear neither new, nor old.

2. Heads up from friends and relatives:

Your close friends and family will tell you that someone has contacted them to ask for information about you. Private investigators do that, in order to synchronize newly acquired knowledge with the facts from their investigation.

3. Suspicion that someone is taking pictures of you:

Often, people can walk through a crowded area and see someone with a camera. However, if you feel that this happens too often in a period of a couple of days, chances are that someone has hired a PI to follow you.

4. The files of your computer seem to be mixed up:

A lot of private investigators are trained in computer science. This will allow them to invade your private life even further. The most recommended action in such a case, is to hire your own private investigator to back-track whoever entered your virtual data base uninvited.

5. The same homeless person is scouring the garbage bin after you have thrown out your trash:

Investigators can disguise themselves as different people – the “homeless” look is one of them. Going through your trash is a common detective practice, in order to find additional information.

Stay Vigilant!

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