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Hire a Private Detective for Criminal Defense

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There’s no shame in being charged with a crime.  Socrates was arrested. Jesus was arrested. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested. Getting arrested only means one thing. Somebody has accused you of a crime. That doesn’t mean you did anything. If you did do something, what you did may not even be against the law. The accusation may be truthful, or it may be a lie. More than likely, it’s somewhere in between.

If you’re arrested for any crime, here’s the best advice I can give. Keep your mouth shut. Don’t say anything. Don’t give a statement, in or out of jail. Don’t volunteer information. Don’t explain yourself. Don’t talk with the police. Say nothing. That’s your constitutional right. Here’s something a lot of police officers, a lot of prosecutors, and even some judges don’t understand.

“No person . . . shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”

That’s the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It’s American Scripture. It’s sacred. It’s your birthright as an American. It gives you the right to keep your mouth shut. So don’t say anything.

If you’re arrested, the police will promise you the world. “You won’t be prosecuted if you confess.” That’s nonsense. The police have no control over a prosecution. Only the prosecutor does. The prosecutor alone decides who to prosecute and what to prosecute. The police are just witnesses.

“The judge will go easy on you if you just give a statement.” More nonsense. The judge isn’t bound by what the police say, and whether or not you gave a statement isn’t part of the sentencing guidelines. “We know what you did. We just want to know why you did it.”  Incredible. Give a guy a gun and a badge, and suddenly everyone else is an idiot.

If you’re arrested for a crime, do two things. First, keep your mouth shut. Say nothing. If they put you in jail, don’t get desperate. Don’t let the police talk you into a statement. “If you give a statement, we’ll get you out of here sooner.” Don’t listen to them. Unless you’ve been charged with a violent crime, you’ll probably be out soon enough.

Get yourself a ciminal lawyer and criminal private investigator to maximize your freedom as an American citizen.

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