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Hire a Private Detective for Divorce and Custody

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Not every marriage is made in heaven. Marriages take work and commitment. Sometimes they make it, and sometimes they don’t. You’re getting divorced. It happens. Plenty of marriages end in divorce. Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers, or you’re the one who initiated the divorce, now you’ve got concerns. If you have kids, they’re your #1 priority.

Custody is a major part of family law. You have a basic right as a parent to spend time with your kids. Not just quality time, but quantity time as well.

Divorce cases involve all kinds of scenarios. If your spouse is keeping your children from you, we’ll help even things out.  Maybe your children are grown, and your spouse has left you after 35 years of marriage. You have rights. Spousal support, or alimony, becomes a prominent concern.

Or maybe you’ve only been married a couple of years. Maybe you don’t yet have children. The marriage didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Perhaps you’ve tried counseling and it didn’t work. You rushed into a marriage and now you want out before it gets worse.

When divorce is the only reasonable option, and you feel like your world is coming undone, make sure you get everything you deserve, hire a private detective!

If you need further advice, here's a great resource on personal relationship investigations, about not only what a private investigator can do for you, but what you can do for yourself.

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