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Missing Persons Investigations

Missing persons investigations are the best way to find someone you cannot find. We come across various cases, including missing children, kidnapping victims, and victims of other crimes, as well as missing people with mental disabilities.

A problem with missing person searches done by law enforcement officers is they will generally only start searching for missing persons that come under a "special needs" category such as children, elderly, or disabled. Police are reluctant, because of limited resources, to search for people who have left home voluntarily or for those who live on the streets.

Anyone who wants to find someone needs to speak to a private detective. A private detective will start looking for someone straight away and will continue to look as long as you want them to, regardless of who they are. Our missing person investigation services assist individuals, businesses and lawyers find people who are important in some way. Different types of missing person services include:

  • Finding relatives and lost loved ones
  • Locating debtors or fraudsters
  • Finding witnesses
  • Adoption enquiries
  • Tracking down fugitives

If you need to locate someone fast, hiring a private investigator to find someone is your best option. Tracking down people that maybe don't want to be found, or are hard to find is a skill. Private detectives are trained and know how and what to do in locating people.

Private investigators use a various techniques for find missing people. We conduct online and physical searches, as well as networking with other investigators and using paid informants. Private detectives also belong to an extensive network of people they can utilise in searching for someone. We can turn to others to isolate likely suspects or likely sources - that can assist in finding a missing person - by questioning witnesses, doing background checks, and other investigation techniques.

If a family member or friend goes missing you should act immediately, and not wait until it's too late. Go to your nearest police station to report it. If their is lack of interest then hire a private detective. When it comes to investigating and finding missing persons, you need professional assistance.

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