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Idaho Private Detective Services

Our private detectives receive a significant amount of training and are highly experienced in working all types of investigations, including civil, criminal, domestic, and insurance. We make use of the latest and most up to date surveillance and electronic equipment available. Using up-to-date investigative and surveillance technology, as well as current databases, we have the ability to provide our clients with a highly cost effective investigation service.

Our private detective services cover the following:

  • Background Checks - our detective background check services ensure that your potential nanny, housekeeper, or any other employee, is not hiding something unpleasant.
  • Skip Tracing and Missing Persons Investigations - our detectives work diligently to locate any person needing to be found, whether a juvenile, adopted family member, or debtor.
  • Matrimonial, Infidelity and Divorce Investigations - our domestic investigation services cover infidelity, pre-marital, divorce, asset location, child custody and support.
  • Corporate Investigations - our corporate detective services uncover criminal activities such as fraud, embezzlement, theft, insurance fraud, copyright infringement.
  • Attorney Support Services - we assist law firms in gathering evidence needed for defense cases. This includes background checks of witnesses, conducting interviews, gathering crime scene evidence, running database checks.

We have provided private detective services for thousands of clients with a wide variety of solutions, meaning that when you hire us, you’re hiring an investigation team with the knowledge, skills, and experience best suited for you. Our expertly trained staff are seasoned private detectives who have gone through the best private investigator training.

Everything we do is combined with intelligence. We combine our detective services with actionable intelligence so we can deliver increased protection for our clients. Our investigator training has taught us not to be reactive but proactive in our approach - being one step ahead of the game and anticipating all moves.
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