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 by Matthew on Private Detective Services
Someone you can depend on to do the job

What you want from a process server is someone you can depend on to do the job. As an attorney, you want to hear that your documents have been served; you don’t want to get a long story about why they weren’t. These guys are the kind of process server that get the job done without any hassle or excuses. I have enough to worry about on a case without having to wonder whether subpoenas have been served. This team of servers made sure I don’t have to.

 by Dean on Private Detective Services
They went to great lengths to affect the service

A lot of attorney’s offices don’t fully understand what private investigators have to go through sometimes in order to serve documents. We sent the folks here a serve job we thought was going to be easy. It was anything but that. When I found out that the subject was intentionally eluding service, I asked the office staff to keep me filled in on everything they were doing, because I was curious. They went to great lengths to affect the service, including stakeouts and a number of ruses to get to the subject. Not only did get my documents served – I’m never going to take process servers for granted again.

 by Emma on Private Detective Services
An e-discovery job

I didn’t think that a PI firm could handle an ediscovery job – I’ve been a paralegal for years. Then my firm started working with this company. Sure enough, 1privateinvestigator has an ediscovery team that got through a complicated assignment far faster than a lot of independent firms take. I’m beginning to realize that they can take care of all our pre-trial needs.

 by Reggie on Private Detective Services
Great service!

Thank you for your great service, appreciate everything!
Reggie - Orange County Attorney

 by Jerome on Private Detective Services
Best process server firm in Southern California

Being a paralegal, I know that a lot of PI and process server firms can be very hard-boiled and gruff over the phone. These guys are different: every time I’ve called them with a job, they’ve been both efficient and courteous. It’s nice to know that if your boss barks at you about a service of process job, you won’t get barked at by the process server firm…no matter what demands you’re placing on them.

Best process server firm around, bar none.

 by Earl on Private Detective Services
They got it domesticated and got it served

Someone at our firm dropped the ball on an important subpoena that needed to be served in Arizona. This team at 1privateinvestigator generally handle our local process service jobs, so we asked them if they could take the Arizona one. They got it domesticated and got it served. They actually made the out-of-state job easier for us than many in-state ones. I can’t imagine a more complete service of process firm.

 by Samantha on Private Detective Services
Hidden Assets

I recently had a case where we needed some hard evidence of in infidelity and within 48 hours these guys discovered more than my client even suspected. Hard evidence and very efficient. Made my job a lot easier.

 by Kimberly on Private Detective Services
Honest & Professional

Thank you. We appreciate you and your honest, work ethics.



Law Office

 by Ryan on Private Detective Services
Huge worker’s comp suit

I recently had a case opened by a small business and was hit with a huge worker’s comp suit last year. The lawyer I work for decided to hire 1privateinvestigator to look into the case. They came highly recommended. They deserved the recommendation. They set up a stakeout and got video showing the “bed-ridden” employee working in the garden and moving bags of gravel.

1privateinvestigator investigated further and found the real culprit: it was the employee’s doctor who was having him fake the injuries. We sued both of them on the evidence gathered, the business was cleared of all fault. The doctor got hauled up before the state medical board.

Nice job.

 by Bonnie B on Private Detective Services

Helped with a very difficult divorce settlement in need of proof. Very communicative and helpful. Thanks

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