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Accident / Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

Accidents happen.

While accidents by definition do not happen for a reason, they do happen as the result of specific, determinable causes.

A private investigator is capable of determining those causes.

Knowing the cause of an accident is crucial:

  • in order to determine fault for a liability action, one must first determine cause;
  • determination of an accident’s cause may also lessen or eliminate liability claims against you or your business;
  • accident victims often have a legitimate desire to understand what happened to them.

Definite knowledge can set an issue to rest: as we always say, it’s better to know.

At Private Detective Services, we have performed countless accident investigations and reconstructions, be they for insurance companies, for individuals and businesses who are being sued for liability, for individuals and businesses who are considering bringing a liability suit, or for people who simply have a desire to understand how an accident came to pass.

Accident investigations are as varied as the accidents themselves, although most involve inspecting the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses, examining evidence (such as the wreckage of an automobile) and researching specific details (such as the physics involved in an automobile collision.) At times, the investigator has also to “recreate” the accident, which allows him to observe it as though it were actually happening.

Solving the riddle of an accident’s causes calls for solid investigative work and both in- and out-of-the-box thinking. These types of cases require a private investigator to do more than just collect facts: he has to be able to arrange them into a coherent explanation of what happened. This makes for a fascinating branch of the P.I.’s trade, but a very specific skill set is required to do these jobs properly. Private Investigatorhas at its disposal a team of thinking experts, capable of taking you from the “what?” to the “how?” of an accident.

In the process, we can save you from malicious prosecution or bogus liability or workers’ compensation claims. We can similarly provide you with admissible expert evidence to substantiate your own claim of liability. We hope you will never find yourself involved in a severe accident; if you do, we are here to help you determine the truth.

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